1. Print the sheet music from the website. There are two different keys for the audition song. Soprano and tenor – high key     Alto and bass – low key

  2. The following practice tracks and PDFs are available on the website

  •      PDFs of the audition song in both the high and low key.  You can print these from      the website.

  •      Practice track to learn the pronunciation of the Italian text

  •      Rehearsal track of the piano accompaniment. This is the same track that will be      used for the auditions. 

  •      Please rehearse with this recording in preparation for the audition.




  • Memorize the Italian solo to perform. PLEASE pick the key that fits your vocal range.
    Soprano and tenor – high key     Alto and bass – low key

  • If you have a private voice teacher and you would like to sing a different song, please make sure that it is an art song in a romantic language, not English and not a pop song.  It must be an art song or classical aria.  If you choose your own song, you must provide your own piano accompaniment. A cappella auditions are not permitted.

  • We ask that you dress professionally for the audition.  No jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes or flip-flops. Dress for success!!!

  • You will be asked to sight read a short 4-measure musical line and a few short tonal memory exercises.

  • Lastly, you will sing in a quartet with 3 other people in your audition time slot. Learn your voice part on solfege. (Do, Re, Mi, etc.) You will sing the quartet song on solfege and you do NOT need to have it memorized.


Questions???? Contact Mrs. Peterson



PLEASE - Click on links below and it should save to your PC/MAC. If it does not auto save, then please right click the link and save to your local PC/MAC and then play the track. Thank You!

Se tu mami.wav



Low Key - Bass/Alto - Sheet music
Low Key - Bass/Alto - Se tu m'ami, se sospiri(accompaniment)


High Key - Soprano/Tenor - Sheet music
High Key - Soprano/Tenor - Se tu m'ami, se sospiri (Accompaniment)


Link for Full Performance of Audition Song



Advanced Choir Auditions Quartet Sheet Music - Page 1

Advanced Choir Auditions Quartet Sheet Music - Page 2